Please Help Me

About Please Help Me

Please Help Me is an organization set up by charitable donors and sponsors who at some point in time in their lives screamed out 'please help me'. They have been given a second chance to get back on their feet and now they wish to give back to the community and help those who are where they were.

Since our community help model is based on the experiences of our charitable donors, we have a guideline which are laid out in our FAQ section and our Who We Help section. There are many types of people who need help but not everyone who needs help is desperate enough to do whatever it takes within reasons, of course. We are not talking about illegal activities or unethical activities. We are simply talking about those minimum wage jobs and counting pennies way of spending that many less desperate people avoid.

We have witnessed everyday that many people ask for help, put an ad out for help claiming to be desperate. But when someone lend a hand and offer something used, something that pays a small amount of money or something that seems like hard work, these charitable good hearted helpers get turned down by those who then turn around to ask other people for help. What we have found is that, people do not want just any old help - they want easy help, they want someone to just hand them some money and be done with it.

About please help me

In order to weed out those people who wouldn't appreciate the small amount of help others can afford them, we have set up a guideline to only help people by helping them help themselves. We are not helping those people who claim that they are desperate but yet when small help is offered to them, they decided that they need a different item. We believe that people should be honest in what they ask for and how they portray their situation. If they need help paying for food, then they should take any eatable food.

If they need a new ipod, that's ok too. But, they need to be honest upfront about it. We help anyone who helps themselves. So if you need help so you can afford that luxury item in your life, and you are willing to work hard for it, we will help you.

Our Motto: Be nice, work hard, and be honest