Please Help Me
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FAQ for Please Help Me

Below are FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that Please Help Me often get. If you cannot find the answers to the questions you have, you can use our contact form to ask us the questions. We aim to post answers to all your questions in this FAQ section.

Can you please help me pay my bills?

We are a help you help yourself organization. We will give you a free consultation completely confidential on your financial situation. After the free consultation, if you still need help paying the bills, you can apply for financial assistance. Depending on how much funding we have at the time, we may be able to offer you financial assistance to help you keep going while you find more permanent solutions. So, the answer is in some cases yes and in some cases no.

Please help me pay bills

If my application for financial assistance to pay my bills is approved, how much will I get?

You may get enough to keep you going for another month or so. We do not offer a lot of financial assistance. If we offer help to pay your bills, we will also find you some temporary work that may not pay a lot but will help you afford to pay your bills by yourself. If you are serious about helping yourself, then these jobs that we find for you should help tremendously.

Give me money

What if my bills are overdue and I need help immediately?

A lot of people seek help after their bills are way overdue. Although we aim to help you as much and as fast as possible, we doubt that our help will be in time to stop the creditor harassment, phone lines cut off or water or electricity turned off. However, we encourage you to seek our help as soon as it is apparent that you will not be able to pay your bills.

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