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Free Money to Help Pay Bills

Another question we often hear from people seeking help is where to get free money to help pay bills. Free money help is the best kind of help for people looking for an easy fix. However, our organization focuses on helping people help themselves. We teach people how to make money and while sometimes it is necessary to give free money help for people to pay immediate bills to avoid dire situations such as foreclosure or eviction, we aim to teach them how to make money for themselves.

Free money to help pay bills for low income families

If you are a low income family, then there are organizations that work toward ending poverty that will help you with your rent, medical bills and other bills including utilities. Some of the help they give are just free money that you can take to help pay bills.

Free Money to Help Pay Bills

However, there are many hoops to jump through before you can get the free money to help you pay bills. If you are one of the lucky ones to get free money help, there is also no certainty how long that help will last. Whether you get the free money help to help you pay bills or not, you should look for ways to increase your income so that you can afford to pay the bills by yourself without any assistance. The best time to ask for help is long before you cannot afford to pay the bills. Once the bills are due, it is hard to find assistance, get approval for the free money and pay the bills on time.

Waiting period for free money to help pay bills

Unless you are basking for a dollar at a time, any free money help is not fast. Usually you have to apply using a long and complicated application forms, then you have to be interviewed and screened to make sure that you really need the free money help and there is no other way for you. Then there is a processing period and a waiting period before a decision whether you can get the free money help or not is made. While waiting, if your bills are due, you have to call each company and delay the penalties. If you cannot pay the bills due to hardship, many companies will work with you. However, some won't and you will have to pay the price of being late on paying the bills.

It is not easy to get the free money help approval. Most families don't qualify to get the free money help even if they are low income families that desperately need help. Even larger percentage of the families out there that need emergency help to pay bills make too much money over the course of a year to qualify for the free money help or emergency help. For these people, they are pretty much on their own. They can call around all radio stations asking for help as well as local charities and churches for donations but not all families down in their luck are lucky enough to get the assistance they need to pay bills before they are due. These are just a few reasons why our organization urges people to work for themselves to make money for themselves so that they won't have to rely on others to help them with free money or otherwise.