Please Help Me

Help Me I'm Depressed

When you are depressed, you should seek help. There are free, professional help for people who are depressed. There are many ways a depressed person can be helped. If you are depressed, the solution to alleviate your depression is to first find out why you are depressed. After all, you cannot solve a problem (depression in this case) if you don't know why you are depressed. Granted that some people feel so overwhelmed with sadness that they cannot pin point exactly whey they are depressed.

However, after a few sessions of depression therapy, they will begin to understand the nature and causes of their depression and be able to write down reasons why they are depressed. This is the first step towards becoming less depressed.

Life is unexpected

There are many times in anyone's life that things go wrong. Sometimes very wrong. What you need to remember is that life is unexpected. Bad things happen and sometimes you cannot prevent them. Many depressed people blame themselves for bad situations in life and sometimes for what others do wrong. Blaming is a critical part of why someone is depressed. You should let the past go and concentrate on the present and future. Dwelling on the past will only make you more depressed.

A depressed person surrounds him/herself with other depressed people

Usually a depressed person feels more comfortable around other depressed people, especially ones who are worse off than them. Seeing and hearing about others' misfortune make them feel like they are somewhat lucky. However, being around depressed people will ensure that you dwell on the negatives. You want to be around positive people and people who are not depressed so that you can move on and be productive with your life.

Depressed people have low self esteem

As a general character trait, depressed people or people who easily become depressed have low self esteem. Whenever someone hurts their feelings, they dwell on the bad side, get upset and become depressed. A large part of helping depressed people is to help them build their self esteem.

A good way to build someone's self esteem is to encourage them to do something that they are or can be good at. Being able to achieve something, even small things such as cooking or gardening, can help people build their self esteem immensely. Writing is another good way to build self esteem, release anger and sadness, and get rid of depression. Some people can spend a fortune getting help from a psychiatrist or shrink. However, you can replicate similar effects by writing your story and feelings down anonymously. By telling someone your story (writing your story and say post on a website) you are releasing what you have inside of you that may be the cause of your depression. It's a first step in 'letting go' of negativity around you.

Online help for depressed people

We have a community of volunteers to help depressed people, see How to help a depressed person. The services for helping depressed people are free.