Please Help Me

Help Me Pay My Rent

One of the requests that we get most often is requests to help with paying rent. There are two main groups of people who need help pay their rent; one is willing to work for the money to help pay rent and the other comprises of people who are looking for a fast and easy way to pay rent without working or doing their part. Needless to say that we cannot help the latter group. We can help and consult with people who is willing to work for the money to help them pay rent. However, if you are considered a low income family, then you may be able to get your state assistance to help you pay rent.

I'm a low income family, who can help me pay my rent?

There are state chartered or government agencies to help low income families pay rent as well as utilities. Section 8 programs are tailored to help low income families with housing. However, you do have to apply in advance and prove that you are a low income family. Some low income families are not able to get state assistance in time and need other ways to help them pay rent and other bills. Inquire about the Community Action organizations to end poverty in your state. They often have programs to help low income people to pay rent, utilities, medical, school and much more.

I cannot get state assistance at this time, what can I do to help me pay rent?

The most common situation when people need help to pay their rent is that they make too much money to get state assistance but not enough to pay their bills. Cost of living is high nowadays and there are far more families living above their means than not. If you cannot afford to pay your rent and need help, then the first thing to do is to evaluate your situation and look at the big picture. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • If someone were to help me pay my rent this month and the next, will I be able to afford rent on my own afterward if my situation has not changed?

Most people would say 'yes' but not because they can truly afford their rent payments but because they are hopeful that they would find a better job by then, their business would pick up by that time, etc. However, a lot of the time this does not happen and they end up in the exact same situation they are in now. Below are some ways to raise money to help you pay your rent.

  • sell all your collections (if you have any)
  • have a garage sale
  • sell your goods online (preferably not eBay if you don't want to pay listing fees)
  • work overtime
  • take night shift jobs
  • take side jobs such as evening and weekend jobs
  • if you cannot find a job, work at home to make more money (see our work at home help section)
  • don't eat out or spend money unnecessarily