Please Help Me

Please Help Us Save Home From Foreclosure

There are many reasons why people need help to save their home from foreclosure. With the crashing subprime market as well as high cost of living, gas price, and lack of jobs, foreclosure rates are on the rise. If you need help to save your home from foreclosure, you are not the only one and there is no need to feel embarrassed. Many families are too embarrassed and in denial to ask for help early on to save their home from foreclosure that when they do, it is often too late.

Ask for help to save home from foreclosure early

When you know that you will not be able to make your mortgage payments, seek help, advice or consultation as early as possible. You should ask for help even if in the end you will be able to afford your mortgage payments. There are organizations that will help you with budgeting to free up some cash to pay for your mortgages.

How to get help to save home from foreclosure?

There are many ways to save your home from foreclosure. The first and most obvious way is to sell your home BEFORE it is forceably taken from you in a foreclosure. Most people in foreclosure don't want to sell their home - they just want to save their home. However, when you cannot afford large mortgage payments, even if someone manages to help you stop your home foreclosure, you still cannot afford the next mortgage payments and will eventually be in foreclosure again. So, when you get that foreclosure notice, it should red flag you that it is time to move into a smaller home unless you can find a way to make a lot more money regularly than you are currently making fast.

If you are decided that you are better off in a smaller home and want to sell your home now before foreclosure, then you should find out the value of your home using a free home valuation tool to see how much you will get from the sale of your home. Below is a link for a free home valuation as well as a link to find a top realtor to help you with your home. 

If you find out from a home valuation and talking to your realtor that your home is upside down which means that you owe the bank(s) more than the home is worth, then you may have to do a short sale on your home. Ask your realtor about how to do a short sale on your home. If you don't do a short sale on your home, then when you sell your home or your home is foreclosed, you will owe the bank the balance of your mortgage less the sale of your home.

Whatever help you get to save your home from foreclosure, make sure that you plan early. If you plan to sell your home, then the most important thing is to make sure that you and your family has some place to go. By planning early, you will be sure to find an alternative accommodation and you may even avoid ruining your credit by avoiding foreclosure altogether.