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  • Official website of Please Help Me, a non profit organization that helps peole make money, pay bills, and reform thier financial lives.
  • Although we want to help everyone, our funds are limited. Every non profit organization is designed to help a certain group of people.
  • Other than help with money, there are other kinds of help that people need. Below are where and how to get help.
  • One of the most common questions people ask around Christmas time is 'how can I get help for Christmas for my kids?'
  • Another type of help that a lot of people need is that they need someone to help them find a home. While, in a slow real estate market, a home is not difficult to find, affording to pay for mortgages and finding the right home is a different story.
  • Math help is something that most kids need and parents usually are too busy or don't have the math skills to help.
  • Below are FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that Please Help Me often get. If you cannot find the answers to the questions you have, you can use our contact form to ask us the questions.
  • A pawn shop can come in handy when you need money now. Most of the time, it is better to recognize that you are in trouble before you need the service of a pawn shop.
  • If you need to use the service of a pawn shop, you should know how a pawn shop works. Different pawn shops work differently and have different policies.
  • Many people ask how to raise money quickly? Pawn shop is one answer. When you need money urgently and borrowing from a bank or any other organizations will take too long, pawn your belongings may be an option.
  • A key point to remember when visiting your local pawn shop or an online pawn shop is the interest rate the pawn shop charges.