Please Help Me

Who We Help

Although we want to help all families in need, our financial resources are limited. Every non profit organization is designed to help a certain group of people. Although, we aim to provide educational programs, information, and resources for everyone willing to learn and better themselves, our direct help and monetary funds are aimed at the following group of people.

The group of people we aim to help are people who:

  • are undergoing financial difficulties.
  • discouraged by what is happening to them.
  • feeling like bankruptcy is not far.
  • would do anything for a second chance.
  • willing to work hard for pennies if it means they can get out of this financial mess in the end.
  • are nice people and do not take advantage of the system or other nice people
  • are willing to donate to people who are more in need than they are eve in this financial mess.
  • are helping themselves getting through this financial mess.
  • think they have done everything they could but still cannot get out of the mess.
  • wish they could talk to someone who understands the situation.
  • wish someone can help them but feel too discouraged to ask.

If you fit the description above, then it is likely that we can help you. Please read our FAQ section before you proceed.

We help people who are willing to help themselves. Please Help Me does not just hand out the money for you to use. We put you on a program to get you back on your feet. We give you consultation, we give you support, we talk you through the problems and give suggestions of how to best deal with your financial issues. We find you ways you can make money legitimately to pay your bills.

People who read about Please Help Me think that we only help people who are destitute. This is a misconception. We help everyone who would be willing to work hard to get themselves out of their financial mess. Whether you are being foreclosed on, losing water and electricity, and are being thrown out of your home or just behind on one or two bill, we will help you. Each situation is different and we recognize that one or two bills for some people may be so hard on them that they feel there is no way out. As long as you are willing to work hard to help yourself, we will work with you to help you. There is no easy money in this organization. All solutions are through hard working but we will hand hold you all the way through.

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