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Please help me is an organization aimed to lend hand to people and families in need make money for themselves to pay bills. There are many non profit organizations that help people, we are just one of them. We recognize that we cannot help everyone make money. So, we have decided to that we will help you help yourself. For some people in need, we are their answers. For others, we are not.

Everyday, millions of people cry out 'please help me', 'please God help me', 'I need help, please help me', 'help me please', 'SOS please someone help me', 'God help me please', etc etc. The list of please help me requests goes on. Some people are even specific as to yearn out 'please help me quit smoking tabaco' or 'please help me pay my bills'. The truth is there are too many people needed help than there are funds available to help everyone in need.

There are websites after websites of people needing help, of people asking for help, and for people blatantly asking for donations and money. More and more scammers are posing as people in need but in fact they do not really need anything other than luxurious items to help them be even more lazy and get themselves into even more troubles. The existence of the scammers crying wolf on the internet makes it hard for legitimate people in need to cry out, voice their desperation, and get real help. More and more charitable good hearted citizens are being conned into giving money and donations to people who are not really in need, leaving less funds in the pool for people who are really desperate.

Please help me organization is funded by charitable good hearted donors and sponsors who want their funds to truly go to the people in needs, families who are losing their homes, hungry children with no food or water, families with no electricity in the Winter, and many more. Since we know we cannot help everyone who needs help even though we want to, we have set out guidelines to only help those who want to help themselves. After all, if you are in the financial mess you are in, you have to want to work hard to get out of it like the rest of us. If you want a quick ticket to get out of your situation, we are not the organization for you. But, if you need help, not matter how severe your situation (severe or not), and are willing to work hard at it, we may be able to help you. We only help people who are willing to help themselves.

Our website is constantly updated. We plan to add more resources on our website to help families in need. So please check back with us regularly. You can use the link below to bookmark this Please Help Me website. If you have questions or comments, please thoroughly browse our website to find answers first. If you cannot find the answers to your questions, please use our contact form. Comments and feedbacks are always welcome. Thank you for visiting us.