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Millionaires Who Give Money to Help

With the bad economy, people are asking if there are millionaires who give money to help people in need. While the ideas of millionaires who give money to help people in their communities is a good and noble one, in reality, there are few millionaires who give money to help people in need.

There are more millionaires who give money to help their favorite charities but they usually do not give money to individual people. After all, when millionaires give money, they often need to deduct their charitable contribution on their tax returns. That means giving to qualified charities only.

Where to Find Millionaires Who Give Money to Help?
millionaires who give money to help

There are millionaires in almost every state but they usually stay low profile. That means you might be passing by one of them and not know that they are blessed with money. There are two types of millionaires.

Two Types of Millionaires

When it comes to whether a person will or will not give money to help others, there are generally two types of millionaires:

  1. Millionaires who do not remember being poor
  2. Millionaires who remember being poor

The two types of millionaires act differently. There are millionaires that were not millionaires before. They used to suffer when the economy took a down turn and they used to struggle every single day. Now that they are no longer struggling, they want to give back to the economy and to their community. These people often seek to help charities by way of donations. This is why you often see secret Santas roaming around poor communities giving to people in need. They believe in helping others as they believe in paying forward and karma.

When Will Millionaires Give Money to Help?

Since there are a lot of scams out there to con millionaires out of their money, millionaires have been warned to only give to charities that they know. But, sometimes, if there is an occasion, they will give to individual people in need also.